Why Donald Trump Is The REAL Black Panther

Donald Trump is this time’s real Black Panther superhero. 

It’s true!

Consider this:

Black Panther is the ruler of the East African nation of Wakanda – a place made great again by the following:

**It is a nation that puts its own people first – always.

**It is a nation protected by a wall.

**It has very tough immigration policies. (as in STAY OUT!)

**It is a nation of one people who largely think alike, talk alike, and share a common interest in protecting their traditional values.

**Wakandans believe in gun rights. These are a people who know weapons are critical to protecting their own.

**Wakanda has a thriving economy due in great part to the expectation that everyone is to contribute – and that nothing is given out for free.

It seems fans of Black Panther should be rejoicing they are fortunate enough to now be living in Trump’s America for it and Wakanda are pretty much the same!