Dreamers Rage Against Do-Nothing Democrats – “They Threw Us Under The Bus!” (VIDEO)

President Trump wanted to do what neither the Republican or Democrat leadership wanted to do – help clarify the immigration status of millions of DACA recipients. 

Congress opposed the president, refused to make a deal, and now some Dreamers are realizing they were played by Democrats who apparently care nothing for them beyond using them as political pawns. 

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Via The Daily Caller:

DACA recipient Hilario Yanez invited The Daily Caller to shadow him as he walked around the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. to meet with elected officials. He wants more discussion on the future of those who have DACA status.

Yanez, who is known for being a pro-Trump, pro-wall Dreamer, says he had a hard time setting up appointments with Democrats during the border budget negotiation process. But he was able to get a few Republican congressmen to hear him out, including Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin, who allowed the Caller to sit in for the meeting.

Democrats threw us under the bus and they’re using us as a 2020 issue and that’s very disappointing,” said Yanez.

The federal budget deal didn’t include anything for those protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, despite Republicans signaling they would be willing to include protections for the “Dreamers” in exchange for the full amount needed for President Donald Trump’s planned border wall.

Yanez says he’s not happy with the way Democrats handled the border wall negotiations; he says it shows Democratic politicians aren’t serious about helping “Dreamers.”