Even Presidents Were Once Young At Heart…

Here is the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, as a strapping, square-jawed young man in his late teens with a whole lot of life ahead of him…

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And here is President Trump some 15 years later as a dashing 30-something settling into his “The Donald” persona:

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George W. Bush was a fighter pilot for the Air National Guard:

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While his father George H.W. Bush was a decorated WWII fighter pilot:

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As for Bill Clinton he always enjoyed sax – a lot. 

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And by his early 30’s he was converting natural southern charm into political gold…

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A young and smooth Barack Obama doing it his way…

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Mr. Obama has always been known as someone with considerable intelligence even if some of the people he hung out with were air heads…

While Ronald Reagan was known for his natural athleticism and movie star good looks…

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And even the infamously competitive Richard Nixon was a kid once. Check out that magnificent head of hair!

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