Facing Libel Lawsuit, Trump Dossier Author Now Backs Away From Claims Of Any Trump-Russia Collussion

Christopher Steele, the former British Intelligence agent who was alleged to have been working for both the Hillary Clinton campaign and (indirectly) the Obama White House, and who was largely responsible for pushing the now-widely discredited and infamous “Trump Dossier” which the Obama-era FBI used as justification for illegal surveillance of a political campaign, is backing way off his claims of Trump-Russia collusion in the face of a libel lawsuit against him. 

Excerpt via The Washington Times:

Mr. Steele wrote 35 pages of memos in which he said Trump aides were part of a vast conspiracy with Moscow to interfere in the election against Hillary Clinton. The unverified charges were spread by Fusion GPS, the Washington-based political research firm that first commissioned the report. Mr. Steele bragged to Mother Jones magazine that he started the Mueller investigation by convincing FBI agents that summer about the credibility of his dossier. It was later revealed that the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton helped fund the dossier, meaning that in essence her paid agent was spreading unsubstantiated charges to get to the FBI to investigate her opponent, critics say.

Now that Mr. Steele must defend those charges in a London courtroom, his confidence level has shifted down several notches.



…In one answer, Mr. Steele refers to the intelligence he gathered as “limited.” On the charge of collusion by Mr. Trump and his campaign advisers, he now says there was only “possible coordination.”



…In Washington, Republicans have pressed the FBI to disclose how it relied on an unproven document to investigate Mr. Trump and possibly to obtain surveillance warrants. In public, the FBI and Justice Department have declined to answer such questions.



The ‘Trump Dossier” was a hoax from the beginning – a tool used to weaponized the FBI against a presidential candidate (Trump) who was outside the approved Establishment D.C. bubble. All available evidence to date would indicate Barack Obama was a willing participant in this illegal use of federal power to try and sway an election and then the resulting election outcome. The Obama White House colluded with the Hillary Clinton campaign and both were aided by Deep State operatives found throughout multiple U.S. Intelligence agencies.

Here is where things get particularly worrisome for POTUS Trump. The Deep State, linked to the Obama and Clinton machines, cannot allow open and honest investigations into what actually transpired. As more layers are peeled away regarding the war against Donald Trump, more and more would be revealed regarding the blatant criminality of the entire government.

The Deep State is more determined than ever to prevent such a revealing of truth to happen.