FACT: 95% Of All Plastic In The Oceans Comes From 3rd World Countries

When Democrats rail against environmental issues it is most often done at the expense of the United States. They say America must do this, America must do that, all the while ignoring the actual environmental wrongdoing of other nations who account for far more pollution. 

Huh. It’s almost as if these same Democrats don’t actually care about the environment but are merely using the issue to manipulate the more simple-minded voters into supporting their anti-America agenda. In fact, you might even say these Democrats are COLLUDING with nations like China in an attempt to make the U.S. economy less dominant.

The facts are clear. Under the vibrant Trump economy U.S. pollution has never been lower while wages and job growth have never been higher.

If Democrats really want to make the world cleaner they would do well to start pointing their judgement toward 3rd world nations and not the United States of America.

Image result for emissions down TRUMP

Image result for emissions down TRUMP