FACT: Obama Put Nearly 300,000 Children Into Federal Immigration Facilities – And Nobody Gave A Damn

Just a few years ago far more children of illegal immigrants were being placed into the very same federal facilities the Trump administration is using now – and nobody cared. The reason was simple. Keeping those children there temporarily was a requirement to ensure the safety of those kids – many who were dragged across the border to provide cover for human traffickers. In fact, the children were detained longer during the Obama years than they are now. The media knows this. As do the Democrats. They created fake outrage, a fake crisis because they believe enough Americans are ignorant enough to believe it. Sadly, they might be right.


“…So to be clear – hundreds of thousands of migrant children whose parents sent them into the United States alone or with a human trafficker remained in Obama administration facilities for up to months at a time, before eventual release or repatriation.

In fact, if one adds up just the unaccompanied minors taken into custody between 2008 – 2016 (here and here), nearly 300,000 children were placed in federal housing under Obama.

The above facts come from the U.S. government’s own figures. During the Obama years, the Establishment Media rarely mentioned the border facilities being used to temporarily house illegal immigrants – including children. In 2018 those very same facilities were suddenly being described as “concentration camps.”

The hypocrisy and deception are so glaring and yet these same media figures who have perpetrated the hoax still wonder why the public views their profession with such disdain. They bristle at the term “Fake News” while at the very same time getting caught creating and spreading fake news over and over again.

So here is what you can do. Every time someone attempts to push the fake anti-Trump “concentration camp” narrative, remind them that those are Obama-era facilities that were used to house far more children for far longer periods of time during the Obama years.

In short, give them the facts.