Fake News Holds Party Celebrating Its Own Self-Importance While Trump Cheers Everyday Americans

This past weekend the longtime annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner was held. President Trump didn’t attend. Neither did any celebrities of note. Comedians refused to host. (The event had to settle for little-known Muslim comedian Hasan Minhaj.) It was the gathering of the unimportant self-important – and nobody cared to watch and/or listen to them applaud themselves.

Above: White House Correspondent’s Dinner host Hasan Minhaj


The mood was not so much festive as it was defensive. Media dinosaurs Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward of Watergate fame were given prominent places on stage. Woodward at one point told his fellow media cohorts, “We are not fake news.”

Again the audience cheered themselves.

Even as the event host declared President Trump a Nazi and Attorney General Jeff Sessions a racist, many in the audience applauded. Such moments were all too clear indications of how the Mainstream Media is choking on its own hubris. They declare themselves free of bias, then engage openly in acts of clear bias.


At the very same time the primarily white, millionaire far left journalists were laughing at Nazi jokes, President Trump was attending a massive Pennsylvania rally surrounded by thousands of Middle Class blue-collar supporters:

It was the elites vs the common man and woman during the 2016 Election.

That same battle continues to be waged in 2017.

So far, it appears President Trump is more than holding his own.