Far-Left Oregon Governor Threatens To Arrest Republicans Who Don’t Vote On Climate Change Bill

If you ever doubted that the entire climate change movement has long been infested by authoritarian motivations whereby Big Government is all too willing to force compliance at gunpoint, look no further than what is happening in Oregon right now. 

This isn’t America. This is something very different, very troubling, and very dangerous.

Climate Conflict Oregon

(ABOVE: Oregon governor Kate Brown is now threatening to use state police to hold Republicans hostage and force a vote on a highly controversial climate change bill that she and other state Democrats are refusing to allow the people of Oregon to vote on.)


Via CBS News:

Oregon Republicans walk out on state Senate over climate change bill as governor threatens police roundup

Republican state senators in Oregon continued to engage in a high-stakes game of brinksmanship over the weekend with Democratic lawmakers, remaining away from the capitol and threatening a lawsuit over a $500-per-day fine from the Senate president. At the center of the debate is a climate change bill.

The minority GOP caucus wants the plan to be sent to voters instead of being instituted by lawmakers — but negotiations with Democrats collapsed, leading to a headline-grabbing walkout.

In a dramatic move on Thursday, Governor Kate Brown authorized the state police to round up and bring back the missing state senators. According to KOIN-TV, Brown said she will call a special session if Republicans “run out the clock.”

Carol Currie, a spokeswoman for Senate President Peter Courtney, confirmed that each missing senator was hit with a $500 fine Friday morning, which will be renewed each day they continue to delay a vote. She said in an email that “they will receive a bill for the amount owed.”


Please note the bolded line of the above article. The Oregon Republican legislators want to allow the people of that state to decide if they want to add hundreds of millions of dollars in added taxes and regulations that will no doubt stifle new business and cost jobs. Democrats are refusing voters a say and are instead calling for a vote by state legislators only—and at gunpoint if necessary!

Regardless your personal political party affiliation, this kind of Gestapo-like form of governing should chill us all to the bone.