FBI Indicts Two Democrat Swing State Mayors For Corruption

The pay-to-play crap is nothing new. Democrats have been doing this kind of thing for decades. Read the up front story, though, and then consider the possibility of these two mayors representing a small part of what is and continues to be a massive voter fraud machine that has been put in place by Democrats and utilized to great effect each and every election cycle – particularly in critical swing states like Pennsylvania. 

As POTUS Trump would say – “It’s true.”

BREAKING : FBI Indicts 2 Democrat Mayors in Pay-to-Play Corruption Probe

Well well well, once again crooked Democrat politicians  have been caught red handed.

From FoxNews

Two Democratic Pennsylvania mayors were indicted Wednesday as part of a wide-ranging FBI corruption probe.

The mayors of Reading and Allentown – the state’s third-largest city – were named among the defendants in the five-person indictment.


Acting U.S. Attorney for Eastern Pennsylvania Louis Lappen said Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski (D) was charged with 14 counts relating to running a pay-to-play scheme, and other offenses.