Fox News Correspondent Assaults Gay Conservative In White House: Liberal Media Cheers

It’s yet another sad example of how there really is no difference among most in the Establishment Media. It is a highly exclusive, self-important club that does not take kindly to outsiders attempting to inform the public of opinions and/or views it does not deem acceptable to the masses. This week, GATEWAY PUNDIT reporter Lucian Wintrich was said to have been accosted by Fox’s Jon Decker. Decker  apparently grabbed Wintrich and yelled out to the other gathered reporters that he was a Nazi sympathizer, a hater of women, and a racist. Mr. Wintrich is the grandson of Jews who fought Hitler in the Polish resistance. He is also gay. 

(ABOVE: Fox News correspondent Jon Decker)


Here is Mr. Wintrich’s recounting of what happened as published in the  GATEWAY PUNDIT:

“…I arrived at the White House Press Briefing Room on Friday and was simply standing in line for the bathroom. I was accosted by Fox’s Jon Decker, who loudly informed the entire room that I hate blacks, women, Hispanics, Jews, and other minorities. I was astounded.

Decker then blocked me from entering the rest room. He physically cornered me.

I took a few steps back, at which point he began asking, “Who is Pepe?” I told him that it was simply an internet meme, but that I really needed to use the restroom. When I attempted to inch past him, he physically shoved me. When I exited the men’s room, he was waiting outside, and stalked me into the briefing room.

At this point, things turned ugly. Mr. Decker grabbed my arm in a very aggressive manor, and loudly informed the roomful of MSM journalists that I was “anti-black, anti-Jew, anti-woman” and writing for a Nazi publication.


In an attempt to reason with him, I asked Mr. Decker if he had read anything I had ever written, or even anything on my employer’s website. He disregarded the question and continued to shout about my alleged bigotry and the website I represent.

For the record: 

·      I am the grandson of Holocaust survivors who fought in the Polish Resistance against the Third Reich.

·      I find the accusation that I am — in any fashion — affiliated with Nazis, neo-Nazis or anti-Semites to be beyond absurd – and, frankly extremely offensive.

·      Decker called me anti-Hispanic. My boyfriend is Hispanic, although I shouldn’t need to discuss my relationships with minorities to defend myself from baseless accusations of bigotry.

Mr. Baier, what do you plan to do about this? I accepted a job to cover the White House briefings for Gateway Pundit. Was this incident with Mr. Decker an aberration or the “new normal” for Fox News?”


Multiple media have already confirmed Mr. Wintrich’s version of events. Wintrich is now awaiting a response from Fox News itself regarding the matter.

In the meantime, some liberal media have already congratulated Decker for the assault:

“According to a White House Correspondent in the room, several reporters shook Decker’s hands as he walked back to the Fox News radio booth.

“Props to Jon Decker for speaking up in the press room. It would be much harder for a minority reporter to speak up like he did,” the correspondent said. “As a member of the WHCA board and as a white man him standing up and saying that meant a lot to reporters in the room.”