Guess What? Trump Really IS Making America Great Again

The record of accomplishments for the Trump presidency is astonishing even to those who voted for him and it’s made more amazing by the fact Mr. Trump has had to push his America-First agenda forward with no help from the media and almost no help from Establishment politicians.

He really is Making America Great Again…

The real record doesn’t lie – the same record the media continues to largely ignore/distort.

Unemployment is way down, especially for minorities.

Wages are up.

Savings are up.

Regulations are down.

Innovation is up.

Our military is stronger.

ISIS has been decimated.

China is willing to renegotiate trade deals that have long cost U.S. jobs.

Mexico is hinting at renegotiating trade deals as well.

North Korea is for the first time ever moving toward a lasting peace with South Korea and the world – including a full stop of its nuclear weapons program.

Current economic predictions paint a picture of a much stronger and wealthier America in the coming years.

Basically, the first two years of Donald Trump’s presidency are shaping up to be a repudiation of the disastrous Obama and Bush years.

Donald Trump promised to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Guess what? He’s doing just that.