Hillary Clinton Delivers Most Idiotic Review Of Orwell’s 1984 EVER

Has she ever actually read the book? This is from Hillary Clinton’s own just-released What Happened where she warns of the evils of authoritarianism and then in the very same paragraph tells readers the ones who must be trusted are the authoritarians! (government/leaders, the media, “experts” etc.)

It is the far left in American that is tearing down history and attempting to rewrite it in their own image – the very nightmare Orwell warns of in 1984. Hillary Clinton is actually revising Orwell to fit her own self-promoting agenda. She is the epitome of the Ministry of Truth! Hillary Clinton was the would-be-government-monster Orwell feared as much as the mindless masses who would allow such a creature to assume power.

This passage from Mrs. Clinton’s is so book is so dumb it’s scary. It’s the kind of revisionism of fact that is the repeated foundation of the most unbalanced tyrants throughout history.