Hillary Seeks Jewish Support – Tells Donors She Will Be “Better for Israel” Than Obama…

Whispers suggest Hillary Clinton hung out the current president and her former boss in what was an almost desperate plea to secure potential millions in donations from the still-powerful Jewish political donor class by trying to convince them she will be “better for Israel” than Mr. Obama regarding U.S.-Israeli relations.

Will it work?

Rich and influential Jewish donors are apparently split regarding such things as the possibly-imminent Iranian nuclear deal. Some support its culmination while others feel it is a direct threat to Israeli security.


Clinton is said to be telling both sides what they want to hear.

“There are some influential Jewish political leaders both here in America and in Israel who have compared notes after coming away from discussions with Mrs. Clinton and the message among them is that she’s willing to say just about anything to get their support. That’s nothing new to politics of course, but given the current stakes, it’s been off-putting to at least some of them.”

She is apparently doing the very same thing regarding widespread perceptions of an Obama administration that has consistently been less than friendly to Israel. Mrs. Clinton wants both to distance herself from the administration to those who are unhappy with Barack Obama’s Israeli record, while also appearing to defend the president to those who remain supportive of the Mr. Obama.

“All politicians like to have it both ways but Hillary Clinton is taking that to a whole new level. She has a lot more than just two sides of the same mouth and more and more longtime Democratic supporters are starting to ask themselves if she can be trusted for the long haul which is leading to the kind of support for a campaign that’s pretty half-hearted. This won’t be anything like what we saw for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, that’s for sure.”

This week the Clinton campaign announced it has raised a record-breaking $45 million in the three months since Mrs. Clinton announced her candidacy.  The vast majority of that money is said to have come from wealthy Jewish donors.