HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER! How President Trump Just Played Democrats & Media Into Giving Him What He Wanted All Along…

Congressman Jerry Nadler is not a particularly bright man. Granted, when put up against some of the even more foolish members of the U.S. Congress, he can appear somewhat competent, but there are increasing whispers throughout D.C. that he’s just fallen for a Trump trap BIG TIME.

President Trump knows the most pertinent parts of the Mueller Report. So too do leading members of Congress—namely Republicans. (Because they actually bothered to review its contents, unlike the Democrats who have not.)  The full, unredacted report has been available for review for some time now. Jerry Nadler could have looked at it at any time. Instead, he has chosen to play a political game of “contempt” against Attorney General Barr in the hopes his media allies will be able to successfully spin the version that says the Trump White House is attempting to deny access to the full report. (Even though the report is actually available for review as has already been said. Nadler could have walked across the hall, sat down, and read all of it.)

And guess what? A few Democrats have just now started to realize the trap that was set and Nadler’s incompetence in shuffling his way into it.

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These few observant Democrats had their “the lights went on” moment when news of the Senate Intelligence Committee subpoena of Donald Trump Jr. regarding matters allegedly related to the now infamous Trump Tower meeting in 2016, went public via an alleged leak by a Democrat member of that committee to the Axios news organization.

It’s no accident both the Nadler House committee debacle and the rushed Axios story both took place within hours of each other—but apparently, it’s NOT Democrats (as they initially believed) who are pulling the strings on these matters.

Readers might recall when, not so long ago, Democrats and the media were outraged over President Trump’s insistence that the events surrounding the Trump-Russia hoax and Spygate scandal be declassified so the American people could know of it themselves. They claimed it was a serious breach of national security, would endanger members of the intelligence communities, etc.

Now, those same Democrats and media are demanding the full, unredacted version of the Mueller Report, (even though Democrat leaders are already allowed to go sit down and read it for themselves) which is a complete 180 to when they were demanding certain information be kept from the public.

Do you see what’s happened here?

President Trump has manipulated the Democrats into now demanding what he wanted all along – full disclosure.

Congressman Nadler was likely hoping for a bit of attention, some easy political points, a lot of posturing, but, in the end, there’s no way he wanted to fully give President Trump the keys to the full disclosure kingdom. (And the president might very well appear to fight it publicly while continuing to orchestrate the big reveal that now appears almost certain to be coming soon.)

On the very same day Nadler was pretending to demand access to a document he actually already has access to, former members of Barack Obama’s intelligence community (James Clapper) were publicly confirming that other members of Barack Obama’s intelligence community (James Comey) were spying on the Trump campaign. Attorney General Barr has been investigating Spygate and related FBI abuses against then-candidate Trump and later President Trump, and the Inspector General’s report of those same abuses is about to drop in the coming weeks.

President Trump did nothing wrong.

Democrats cannot say the same.


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