House Repeals Obamacare. Trump Prepares For Senate Battle To Do Same.

After the first feeble Speaker Paul Ryan-led attempt to ‘sort of” repeal Obamacare fell flat, President Donald Trump had a stern warning to members of his own staff and Republican Congressional leaders. That warning centered on one repeating theme. When it came to saving the nation’s crippled-by-Obamacare system, failure was NOT an option.

Today, there was significant success, though, as the bill now moves to the Senate, more battles await the Trump White House.


The Fake News Media and its Democrat Party cohorts will now engage in an increasingly rabid fear-mongering campaign to paint the attempt to save America’s failing healthcare system as something different. The facts say otherwise. Obamacare is collapsing. American families are being hurt.

President Trump is right. Failure is NOT an option.