“How Does A Bill Become A Law?” Reality Edition . . .

One of the primary reasons President Trump finds himself constantly at war with the D.C. elites is that he is actually attempting to do what he promised to the American people – WORK FOR THEM. 

Remember the story of Jesus and the money changers in God’s temple? Not to compare Jesus to Trump but the motivations of both in this scenario are very similar. Each was disgusted by the grift that had overtaken duty and honor. Washington D.C. is broken. Congress is a pit of increasingly greedy, self-serving vipers.

President Trump is far removed from the political machine that dominates both major parties in America and like so many of you, he too is startled and disgusted by the layers of corruption that infect our government. He continues to work very hard to fight that corruption and return power back to the people and for that reason alone Washington D.C. would see him destroyed.

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