How Donald Trump Brought Fox News To Its Knees In Just 72 Hours

Whether you like him or not, it cannot be disputed that Donald Trump is a man who doesn’t back down from a fight, even when it is against the #1 cable news network on television.

ABOVE: The Trump vs Megyn Kelly fracas following last week’s Republican presidential debate led to Fox News president Roger Ailes scrambling to broker a peace between the outspoken GOP frontrunner and the Fox  News network.


Mr. Trump was visibly annoyed by debate moderator Megyn Kelly’s accusation that Trump was not verbally abusive toward women. This annoyance turned to outrage after Fox News almost immediately declared the Trump campaign as finished in the hours following the debate, a declaration that was seemingly solidified by Mr. Trump’s declaration that Mrs. Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes…out of her wherever” during an interview he gave to CNN.

When fellow Republicans and other Mainstream Media blasted Trump’s comments, parroting the claim by some that Mr. Trump’s comments were referencing Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle, the embattled New York billionaire called the claim a “disgusting” misrepresentation of his words and then called for Kelly to apologize to him. He then boycotted Fox News for the remainder of the weekend and instead gave several interviews to competing cable news programs.


While Trump’s Fox News boycott took place, Fox executives found themselves inundated with a social media backlash initiated by tens of thousand of Trump supporters. This backlash reached such epic proportions by Sunday that Fox News president, Roger Ailes personally called Donald Trump to broker a peace. Off-the-record reports indicate Trump remained adamant regarding his deep anger and disappointment over how the debate was moderated, a stance which resulted in the normally unbending Ailes to give his assurance to Mr. Trump that the network would “treat him very fairly” in the future.

That admission by Mr. Ailes has been taken by some to be an admission that at least some of the network moderators had an anti-Trump agenda going into last week’s debate.

While Trump is now willing to speak with Fox News personalities once again, he is said to be refusing to do so with Megyn Kelly specifically, a condition Mr. Ailes quickly agreed to.

Leaving campaign politics aside, one must wonder how much more effective for America the Iran nuclear negotiations would have been had Donald Trump been at the helm and not the far more passive approach that has been the hallmark of the Obama administration?