Immigrants Riot In Sweden Just Hours After Media Declares No Immigration Troubles In Sweden

Once again, the Mainstream Media has been caught red-handed peddling fake news. This time, it was the manufactured dust-up following President Donald Trump’s comments regarding immigration issues throughout Western Europe – including comments about what was happening in Sweden. Media figures mocked the president, saying there were no issues in Sweden. The Swedish president, a leftist, mocked Mr. Trump as well.

Hours later, immigrants were setting the streets of Sweden on fire. 

The riots, conducted by recent Middle East immigrants, went on for hours within the nation’s capital. They took place in an area the Swedish government has allowed to be made into a “no-go” zone where Muslim immigrants don’t allow outsiders into. Those zones have become particularly dangerous for Swedish women whose attire does not subscribe to Sharia Law.

It is the unfortunate reality of the mass immigration issues facing Western Europe as Middle East culture, which does not easily comply with Western culture, clashes with the people and government of nations like Germany, France, Great Britain, and yes, Sweden, among others.


The Mainstream Media attempted to mock and demean Donald Trump’s comments regarding immigrant trouble in Sweden.

Then those immigrants rioted.

Predictably, that same Mainstream Media has said almost nothing regarding those riots.

That’s how Fake News works. Report biased versions while ignoring reality.

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