Increasingly Desperate Mueller Attempts To Corral Trump On Obstruction Charge

Special Counsel Robert Mueller was expected to have done far more damage to the Trump White House by now. After months of wasted time and tens of millions of tax dollars, the increasingly agitated Establishment Media and D.C. elites are wondering and waiting for something to come of it all. Whispers now indicate Mr. Mueller is more focused and determined than ever on trying to orchestrate obstruction charges against the President of the United States and currently fast-tracking his plans to do so.

For Mueller and his cohorts, time is even more of the essence these days given a now-pending investigation into the FBI – and possibly Mueller himself. The obstruction charge has to be hurried if it is to be effectively weaponized by Mr. Trump’s multitude of enemies among the media and political class. Word is Mueller will soon announce a desire to formally interview the President under oath. That will force Mr. Trump into a two-option corner:

He either refuses the interview and is then lambasted by the media as a guilty man hiding behind the powers of President.

Or, he gives the interview and is tripped up on past statements of fact and declared to have perjured himself.

Either option opens the door for Democrats, should they win back the House (a scenario that is becoming less likely for them at the moment) to proceed with articles of impeachment.

Apparently the attempt to proceed with the above scenario is coming soon.

Certainly the Trump White House has been preparing. It will be fascinating to see what a notorious counter-puncher like Donald Trump comes back with. A lesser man would have buckled under the onslaught of repeated attacks by now. Remarkably, Mr. Trump somehow appears to grow stronger.