Indian-American Sheds Tears Over Honor Of Being An Elector For Donald Trump

“Ash Khare came to America from India with two bachelor’s degrees, $8 in his pocket and a dream — the American dream.”

Today Mr. Khare is casting his electoral vote in Pennsylvania for Donald Trump.

Some of the thousands of letters Khare has received.

(Above: Ash Khare looks over thousand of letters he has received, many of them threatening, from people opposed to a Trump presidency.)



Via CNN:

“I was a nobody that came from a third world country,” Khare says. He paused, choking back tears as he finished his thought. “And I am making a difference. It’s not by a handout. It’s by hard work and loyalty. That’s all.”

Khare has made it very clear that he is going to do exactly what he said he would do: vote for the person his electorate voted for — Donald Trump.

“I am for Mr. Trump. I am for his agenda. I am totally excited. The way he his picking his cabinet, the way he is doing his thing. I believe the greatest days of this country are yet to come. And I am glad I am alive to be able to see it.” He says he is sure the 19 other Pennsylvania electors will vote for Trump too.”


It is the too often untold aspect of the remarkable Trump political movement. While the media continues to paint it as a phenomena dominated by White, Middle Class voters, (as if that is a bad thing) the reality is Mr. Trump’s appeal is far-reaching endeavor that brought in men and woman from seemingly disparate backgrounds, but who all shared a common love of America and it’s principles of freedom and opportunity.

Ash Khare’s story is but one of many in the now-emerging Age of Trump – and deserves to be told.