INSANITY: George Washington H.S. To Eliminate George Washington For Being “Offensive”

Ah, the land of San Fran where the multi-millionaire streets are covered in the human waste of those living in drug and alcohol-drenched depravity primarily created by inane socialist liberal policies that inevitably suffocate the humanity of those living under the yoke of the elites. 

It is here where you’ll find George Washington High School, a place which is now attacking its own namesake (the father of our country no less) for being “offensive and demeaning.”

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Via Zero Hedge:

There’s plans in the works to cover a mural of George Washington from the halls of George Washington High School in San Francisco due to complaints that it’s offensive and demeaning to Native Americans and African Americans.

The San Francisco school board is expected to decide next week whether to cover the image or paint over it, but there’s no plans among top officials to leave the imagery in the open for students to view, according to several Bay Area news reports.

Board members appear to agree with a working group’s determination that the mural “traumatizes students and community members.” The “Life of Washington” mural, which consists of 13 panels, was painted in 1936. One of the images involves Washington gesturing toward a group of explorers who are walking by the body of a presumably deceased Native American. Another depicts Washington next to several slaves performing various types of manual labor.

The three options before the board are to obscure the mural with curtains, create acoustic panels to cover it up, or paint over it; each option would costs anywhere from 300,000 to $800,000 to complete, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.


Putting the manufactured fake outrage aside, did you catch the cost estimate to cover or paint over all or parts of the mural? $300,000 to $800,000!!!!

It sure seems like someone created a controversy where none need have been and are now attempting to profit from it.

Liberal government 101—the very kind of self-serving stupidity that helped push colonists to go to war in the first place.