Joe Biden Tells Big Dem Donors That He’s The One To “Kick Trump’s Ass”

Joe Biden wants to be president. He wants it bad. Forget all the coy “I’m considering it” answers he’s giving to the media of late. Where it counts, where it really counts within the Democrat Party machine – among the deep pocket donors, Mr. Biden is making it clear he’s the guy to “kick Trump’s ass.”

Biden is pushing up on 76 years of age. Should he run and win he would the oldest first-term POTUS ever by a long shot. In the last few months, he has crisscrossed the country attending fundraisers and get-out-the-vote pit stops for fellow Democrat candidates. Word is he’s had a handful of sitdowns with Obama Machine representatives who have shared their concern over his age. Biden’s answer to that is said to be his intent to serve just one term and then step aside for his vice president – a vice president who will have been of Valerie Jarett’s and Barack Obama’s choosing.

Another clue as to Biden’s hoped-for intentions is the recent cosmetic “upgrades” his face has undertaken. More hair has been added, lines eliminated, and skin tone evened out. Mr. Biden is notoriously self-obsessed with his appearance (something he shared in common with his former presidential boss) and that obsession has managed to increase even more of late – a sure sign he’s looking to jump back into the national political spotlight.

For some, though, Biden’s near-constant appearances at Democrat rallies in recent months is not just a concern but an embarrassment. He’s nearly 76. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is 78. Maxine Waters is 79. Diane Feinstein is soon to be 85.

The Democrat Party leadership isn’t just old – it’s ancient.

One man who has quietly been positioning himself as the party’s anti-Biden is 67-year-old Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s former and highly controversial Attorney General. Mr. Holder remains close to both Obama and Jarrett, and during his tenure as Attorney General, no doubt accumulated a considerable amount of political favors that are now owed him. He was a zealous protector of the Obama White House during multiple scandals, had no qualms about using the powers of the federal government to punish political enemies, and is said to be Valerie Jarrett’s ideological twin – all of which makes him a serious threat to Biden’s White House hopes.

Oh – and apparently Holder also views Biden as a, “…peacock moron – all feathers and fluff.”