Who Is Joni Ernst? (Hint: She Might Be Donald Trump’s Pick For Vice President)

In 2014, Joni Ernst was chosen by Iowa voters to represent their state in the U.S. Senate after Ernst had spent the previous three years as a member of the state senate. Prior to that, she served for twenty-three years in the U.S. Military as a member of the Army Reserve and Army National Guard, time which included fourteen months stationed in the Middle East during the Iraq War. 

And now, this Senator and Iraq War veteran, is reportedly being seriously considered by Donald Trump to be his 2016 presidential running mate and the first female Vice President in American history.

Ernst carries significant conservative street cred, but is also highly regarded among the GOP Establishment donor class. She is noted for tough talk, a quick mind, and no-nonsense attitude when it comes to D.C. politicking. 

During the Iowa Caucus, she shared the stage with then-presidential candidate and Florida senator, Marco Rubio, but refused to give Mr. Rubio a formal endorsement. Since then, she has remained relatively, and now, it is said the Trump campaign is giving her potential role as a Trump running mate, serious consideration.


Ernst has previously declared her desire to see federal government agencies like the Department of Education and  Ecology, eliminated. She has for years been a consistent advocate of the 10th Amendment, which places more power at the state level and less at the federal level. 

And like Trump, she is known to incite the ire of the liberal media with her sometimes volatile rhetoric, including past comments about the need to impeach Barack Obama, who she labeled a dictator due to his repeated fondness for signing executive orders, thus bypassing the role of Congress in enacting laws. This rhetoric has not lessened her appeal within the GOP, though, as she was the one selected to provide the Republican response to Barack Obama’s 2015 State of the Union:

Is Senator Ernst Trump material?

Word is, we’ll be finding out soon enough.