Leading Democrat Says Trump Can’t Be Defeated On Election Day So Congress Must Impeach Him

Please allow the full implications of that headline sink in for a bit. A longtime Democrat member of Congress is calling for rampant abuse of congressional authority by weaponizing impeachment proceedings to get rid of a duly elected president because he fears the voters will approve of the job President Trump has been doing come 2020.

In other words, he’s openly calling for a congressional coup to negate the will of the people.

That’s today’s Democrat Party.

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(Above: Democrat Congressman Al Green says Congress must use impeachment to stop Trump because voters will want to re-elect him in 2020.)


Via The Hill:

Trump pushes back at Democratic lawmaker Al Green on impeachment

President Trump on Monday defended himself against the prospect of impeachment hearings after Rep. Al Green (D-Texas), a vocal proponent of impeachment, said he’s concerned Trump will get reelected if Congress does not begin such proceedings.

In an early morning tweet, Trump appeared to quote conservative outlet One America News Network, which suggested Green said impeachment “is the only thing” that can prevent Trump’s reelection.


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