Leftists Demanded A Boycott Of New Kanye West Album. Guess What? Kanye Now Rules The Charts

Kanye West asked that all people, but especially black Americans, think for themselves. Part of that message was having an open mind about the work Donald Trump was doing as President to better minority communities – work the Democrats, after decades of broken promises, have never done. West’s words enraged liberals who demanded Kanye “shut up” and “go away.” Their reaction proved West’s point that liberals are the ones with hate in their hearts who practice racism day after day. Black America is not supposed to think for themselves but rather accept without question the false truths being force-fed to them so that they continue to remain on the political plantation. 

The result? Kanye West’s new album is now dominating the charts:

Kanye’s wisdom is making a fool out of Childish Gambino’s simplistic and plantation-inspired version of America – which is why the entrenched and white-dominated powers would see Kanye punished.

For now, the people have spoken and Kanye’s voice is ringing out across the land…