Livid Over Losing Legacy, Obama Meets With Democrats To Devise Plan To Stop Trump

Never before has an outgoing POTUS made the transition of power so much about himself, and yet, that very thing has so often been the hallmark of the now (finally) ending, Age of Obama. Barack Obama’s favorite subject has long been Barack Obama, and it is with that same mindset the President In Name Only plans to meet with Congressional Democrats to finalize plans on how to prevent a Trump administration from flushing Obama’s anti-America economic and foreign policy legacy down the toilet.

Adding to the President’s current frustrations, though, is the lack of interest those same Democrats have in actually doing his bidding. Yes, they’ll meet, wanting to remain on good enough terms for potential future fundraising efforts, but beyond that, Obama is old news in D.C. – and has been for some time.

They know it, and, despite his still ongoing “Me-Me-Me!” media performances, so does Mr. Obama.

According to Politico, members of Congress and President Obama are scheduled to meet this Wednesday to discuss an anti-Trump battle plan. Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has already promised publicly to do all he can to protect the President’s namesake legislation, that trillions-of-dollars boondoggle known as Obamacare. Behind the scenes, though, word is Senator Schumer has already admitted to deep flaws in the bill, and has reached out to Republicans to let them know he is open to working with them to improve the healthcare legislation.

Team Trump is in turn working hard to develop an alternative that is both better for the American people, and politically viable to enough members of Congress to gain passage. It has been initial successes in that effort that has the outgoing president now scrambling to try and convince Democrats to not play ball with the incoming one.


In just twenty days, America will put Barack Obama in its rear-view mirror. 2016 was a repudiation of leftist, Big Government politics and media.

Congress would do well to remember that, and give the new president a chance to deliver on his promises to reinvigorate the economy, secure our borders, and strengthen America’s standing in the world.

Those 2018 Midterms are already just around the corner, and Trump voters have a tendency not to forgive nor forget.