LOL: HUGE Rat Runs Across Screen During Live News Coverage Of President Trump’s Baltimore Tweets

President Trump, whose administration has given Baltimore more than $16 BILLION in aid, called out longtime Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings for his attacks against U.S. border agents (most of whom are minorities) and telling the congressman he would do well to focus on the problems of his own “rat-infested” congressional district which is ranked among the most violent and economically depressed in the entire country. 

What followed was a predictable wave of manufactured outrage from the far left for the president reminding everyone what multiple media stories have been saying all along – Baltimore has some serious problems caused in great part by decades of corrupt Democrat Party rule. 

When the media hustled down to do a live shot video of Baltimore guess who showed up? Piles of trash and one of the biggest rats you’ll ever see . . .

Image result for giant rat


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