LOL: “You Didn’t Really Write That Book Report, Did You Bobby?”

There’s so much egg on the faces of the anti-Trump far-left in American today following the Robert Mueller testimony debacle that Denny’s is considering using it for the world’s largest breakfast scramble.

The greatest U.S. economy in a generation, record-low unemployment, particularly among women and minorities,  no major military conflicts, a pending and historic trade deal with China, higher wages, lower taxes, all of the many Trump successes and Democrats give the country . . . Robert Mueller, tens of millions in wasted taxpayer dollars to prop up what was clearly an anti-Trump hoax from beginning to end, Democrat members of Congress declaring white people should be feared and monitored, other members of Congress wanting to go to war on cow farts, and on and on goes the lunatic fringe that now dominates a once-great political party.

In 2020 the voters would do well to spank the Democrats HARD and give President Trump a much-deserved second term.

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