MADNESS: Dems Fight To Hang “Cops Are Pigs” Painting Inside Capitol Building

Yet more evidence the modern-era Democrat Party is a leaderless, immoral shambles – and now is openly threatening violence over an anti-law enforcement painting some demand be allowed to hang inside the Capitol Building.


The painting was done by St. Louis student David Pulphus and is his depiction of the Ferguson riots. Congressman William Clay (who has previously likened police officers to animals) was the one sponsoring the painting to be hung in the Capitol Building. Soon after the artwork was placed on the wall, another member of Congress took it down and returned it to Clay:


When word of that reached Rep. Cedric Richmond, Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, he was reported by Politico to have said, “”We may just have to kick somebody’s ass and stop them!”

The highly controversial painting was then returned to its place on the wall:


Members of Congress from both parties are now taking their complaint over the artwork to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Remember, these are the “adults” said to be helping to run the country.  Is it any wonder then how the last eight years (and longer) have been such a mess? Or why voters decided to finally give a true D.C. outsider the opportunity to do things differently?