MAGA! POTUS Trump Personally Calls Police Officer Who Was Injured While Escorting Presidential Motorcade

Excerpt via :ConservativeFighters

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump was being escorted through Indiana on the way back to Air Force One when one of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officers, Robert Turner, crashed his motorcycle on I-70, Blue Lives Matter reported.

The cause of the crash is unknown, but it appears people stopped to take pictures instead of helping the officer. Several pictures show the officer, with several cuts, lying next to his motorcycle on the ground.

After help arrived, Turner’s motorcycle was left behind on the road.

The officer was rushed to the hospital and put into a neck brace and appeared to be in poor condition. But then, he received a call from Trump.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department posted to Facebook that Trump refused to take off until he spoke with the wounded officer to thank him for his service. Watch: