MAGA! U.S. Trade Deficit Slashed Just Like Trump Promised

The Trump administration is engaged in one success after the other. Many Americans have no idea, though, given the Establishment Media’s obsession with pushing the phony Russia/Trump story.

One had to really search for proof of the good news being created by POTUS Trump – but it’s there. Here is a tidbit grudgingly put out there today by ABC News:

US trade deficit narrowed to $43.6 billion in June

The Commerce Department said Friday that the trade gap slid 5.9 percent in June to $43.6 billion.

Exports of goods and services rose 1.2 percent to $194.4 billion, the highest amount since December 2014 on higher foreign demand for American soybeans, computer accessories and other products. Services exports reached a record $65.4 billion.

…The goods deficit with Mexico slid 18.3 percent in June to $6 billion. The Trump administration is preparing to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada. Trump has complained that NAFTA encourages U.S. manufacturers to move to Mexico to take advantage of cheaper labor.

A nearly six percent bounce-back is a remarkable thing. Much work remains, though, most notably with the trade deficit with China which continues to widen. Trump’s enemies don’t want that to happen. China spends tens of millions on lobbyists in D.C. pushing influence upon both Democrat and Republican leaders.

POTUS Trump is threatening that long-standing gravy train for the political elite.  Their response? Crank up more fabricated Russia/Trump news and further push the bogus Mueller-led investigation.

Consider this: A 5.9% drop in the trade deficit correlates to thousands of jobs here in America. The D.C. politicians don’t care about those jobs. They would rather see them continue to be shipped to Mexico, China and elsewhere so long as they keep their own jobs in D.C.

That’s messed up – but that’s exactly how this country has been run into the ground for far too long.

You want to see it changed? You better damn well support Donald Trump.