Manafort Wins Partial Victory – Mistrial On Majority Of Charges As Establishment Media & Anti-Trumpers Fume

Paul Manafort was found both innocent and guilty today. Innocent by way of a mistrial on 10 of the 18 charges and guilty of the lesser eight charges. It is an outcome that some are stating is as convoluted as the politically-motivated case against Mr. Manafort has been since its beginning.

Next will come the sentencing phase and quite possibly an appeal by Manafort’s defense team.

What remains unknown is if President Trump will intervene on Manafort’s behalf via a pardon or commuting of his sentence. Whispers indicate Team Mueller is hoping the president will do just that as they believe it will paint Mr. Trump as a man desperate to protect his allies.

With Manafort awaiting sentencing and former Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen apparently signing off on his own plea agreement, leftists are salivating at the thought real damage might finally be done to the remarkably successful Trump presidency, though, there is widespread disappointment among them that Manafort was not found guilty on a majority of the charges brought against him.

As for the president, he doesn’t appear too concerned with any of it. He’s off to massive campaign rally in West Virginia later today.

“Killing is easy. It’s the forgetting that’s hard.”

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