Meanwhile In Syria… ISIS Giving Up & Fleeing As U.S. Military Mops Up Last Pockets Of Resistance.

Amazing what the U.S. military can accomplish when a pro-America Commander-in-Chief gives them a true green light to get the job done. Gone are the handcuffs put on them by a “we are the world” mindset that dominated the disastrous Obama era. Over the course of months POTUS Trump ordered up a combination of surgical air strikes, carefully built alliances, a “shut up and sit down” approach at the UN, and the go ahead for ground troops to kick butt. The result? ISIS has been scattered to the wind in a matter of months. Remember, it was the Obama White House that tried to convince everyone that ISIS would prove a ‘generational’ conflict. (and that was after he likened them to a junior varsity squad. The guy’s foreign policy was every bit as idiotic as his domestic policies.)

When President Trump calls America’s military the greatest in all the world and says, “it’s not even close” he clearly means it. Oh, and don’t expect the Establishment Media to give the president and our military much-deserved kudos because, well, you know…

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