Meanwhile, the “story of the century” might be unfolding right now in Italy . . .

While some might complain of the slow pace of the “investigation into the investigators” (a complaint which is unwarranted given it couldn’t actually get going in earnest until the whole Mueller Report saga could be concluded first) there are major developments happening almost every day that are being purposely ignored by the far left media.

Case it in point – George Popadopolous, a minor player within the Trump campaign who has become a major player in the investigation of the investigators,  and the Italian government:

If some are wondering why Democrats have suddenly become much more quiet about the “impeach Trump” push that dominated headlines just last week, it’s because of developments like the one outlined above.

Indictments are coming. The only question is how high up in the D.C. Deep State food chain those indictments will go.

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