Media Caught Covering Up Truth Behind Russian Ambassador’s Assassin (VIDEO)

It is a stunning video capture of an absolutely false narrative once again foisted upon the public via the Mainstream Media that is so willfully intent upon protecting Islamic terror from deserved rebuke and condemnation.

It was reported the Russian ambassador’s assassin merely cried out “Alepo!” and “Syria!” These media reports left out something very important and very different from that highly edited version of this tragic event.

See for yourself: (Warning: Violent images)

“Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! We are those who have given a pledge of allegiance to Muhammad that we will carry on Jihad as long as we live. Allahu Akbar. Don’t forget Allepo. Don’t forget Syria. Don’t forget Allepo. Don’t forget Syria. As long as our towns are not secure you won’t have taste of security. Back off. Back off. Only death will take me away from here. everyone who has contributed to this cruelty will pay, one by one.”


The Russian ambassador’s assassin was a violent jihadist. Why the media continues to refuse to report that all too clear fact is but another layer upon many layers of a troubling, agenda-driven cover-up. Time and time again, be it events in the United States, or throughout the world, the Mainstream Media refuses to deliver Islamic terror events as such.

Radical Islam is a cancer upon the civilized world, and must be eradicated.

Why is our media, our entertainment industry, so many within the political ruling class, so unwilling to acknowledge that fact?

If you don’t have the answer, keep asking the question until you do.