Members Of Congress And Media “Stunned” That Trump Is Still Standing & Fighting Back

He wasn’t supposed to win.

But he did.

He wasn’t supposed to have survived the onslaught of media backlash since taking office.

But he has.

Today members of Congress and the media are said to be amazed by Donald Trump’s resiliency and ability to continue fighting back against the ongoing effort to diminish and/or destroy his presidency.

“Frankly, I’m stunned he’s still here and I’m not the only one. I don’t know how he does it. The guy just doesn’t quit.”

So says a D.C. political operative with ties to senior members of Congress and various members of local and national media. This source repeated how frustrated the President’s political and media  enemies have become as Mr. Trump continues to shrug off their attacks and then fire back with attacks of his own:

“They (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer) attended a budget meeting with White House officials very recently and apparently left that meeting spitting mad. They weren’t upset by policy differences so much as personality clashes. They truly despise this president. It’s all they think of – how to get him out. The whole system is pressuring figures like Pelosi and Ryan and McConnell to do something about what is being called the ‘Trump problem’. The lobbyists that grew so fat during the Obama years might be the most upset of all. They can’t figure the President out and it has them scared. They’re used to intimidating politicians into giving them what they want. Trump won’t be intimidated. It’s a whole new world for them and they don’t like it one bit.”

Apparently the #1 source of frustration among most of Mr. Trump’s enemies is his use of Twitter.

“The Twitter King. That’s what they call him. There are even rumors members of Congress have personally reached out to Twitter executives to curtail the President’s ability to use the platform. The President sets the media agenda with a single tweet. They’ve never dealt with anything like it. You should hear the CNN people around here. They say ‘Trump’ like it’s the most profane word to have ever been uttered by anyone in the history of humankind. Every breath Trump takes is like nails on the chalkboard to these people.”

President Trump fights on. So do his many enemies.

And America waits to witness the outcome.