MERRY CHRISTMAS AMERICA! Trump Tax Cuts, Smackdown Of Obamacare Mandate, and Rebuke Of Climate Change As “National Security Risk”

WOW!!! POTUS Trump is set to deliver a series of crushing blows to some sacred globalist cows in a pre-Christmas flurry of activity the likes of which America has not seen since the days of Ronald Reagan.

**TAX CUTS AND MORE TAX CUTS: House and Senate Republicans are poised to send a tax cut/reform bill to POTUS that will reduce rates across the board, including corporate taxes, while also increasing the child tax credit and standard deduction. While not a perfect plan, most Americans will see a net benefit and the impact upon the economy overall is expected to be positive – potentially very positive which in turn will mean more JOBS-JOBS-JOBS.

**ENDS OBAMACARE TAX PENALTY FOR THOSE NOT BUYING INSURANCE: This is being viewed as a “masterful” move by the Trump White House that has the far left now enraged. By taking the boot of the federal government off the necks of Americans who didn’t want to be forced into the Obamacare one size fits all healthcare slaughterhouse, many now believe the already-collapsing Obamacare will fail even more quickly and a new and more financially responsible approach to meeting the nation’s healthcare needs, can be accomplished.

**REMOVES CLIMATE CHANGE AS A “NATIONAL SECURITY RISK”: This is a direct slap at the often ludicrous self-promoting legacy of the Obama years that had military pencil pushers focused more on the weather than on real threats to national security like ISIS and an increasingly volatile Middle East, North Korea, etc. An added bonus to this move is the opening up of new energy resources in Alaska – it’s a one-two punch that has globalists reeling.

Donald Trump and his millions of supporters are set to have a very-very Merry Christmas…