MLB Pitcher Trevor Bauer Attacked For Supporting Trump – Told To Get Cancer & Die

The far left in America is once again revealing its proclivity for abusive bigotry. This time it is Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer who is on the receiving end of liberal intolerance and hatred for having dared to suggest Donald Trump was doing a pretty good job so far as POTUS – and then complaining of all the anti-Trump media bias.

These days, it appears voicing support for a president makes one worthy of being told to shut up and die.

It all started with this tweet from Bauer:


The tweet was widely supported by many, but also generated some highly negative attacks as well:

When some attempted to claim Bauer’s pro-Trump views were in the minority, he was quick to disagree:

The above post is something that remains very real within America, and is a primary reason for the media having been so wrong in repeatedly declaring prior to the November election that Donald Trump would never win. Millions who support Trump do so quietly, going about their business, paying bills, and raising their families.

That support is not likely to be going away any time soon, despite the increasingly aggressive attempts by the far left to silence any and all opposition to their own narrow version of American and the world.