MSNBC’s Joy Reid Faces Increasing Allegations She Is A Homophobic Bigot

Much like Anthony Weiner did back in the day when he was denying sexting underage girls, Joy Reid attempted to claim her old Reid Report blog was hacked in order to portray her as a raging homophobe. Reid has been among the most vocal (and outlandish) critics of Donald Trump and in the land of MSNBC that’s truly saying something.

Now she faces a full-on rebuke from the LBGT community that doesn’t appear to be buying her excuses.

The more important aspect of this emerging professional crisis for Joy Reid isn’t that she does or once did harbor fear/resentment/hatred toward gay people. It’s that her example is legion throughout the Democrat Party machine. Recall the 2016 DNC emails that had members of the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign mocking minorities? The media quickly buried those revelations. Barack Obama, who was as recently as 2008 demanding marriage should be a privilege only allowed straight people, has been caught multiple times mocking various classes of Americans. The media quickly spun/apologized for/ignored those examples.

The truth of the matter is this. Leftists don’t care about you regardless of your background. They don’t really care about minorities be they black, brown, gay, or all of the above. They only care about power and by further dividing the nation and propping up self-interest themes they are convinced they can win more elections. This has been their method for generations even as minority communities across America dominated by Democrat policies became worse and worse.

Joy Reid is a corporate mouthpiece representing the same powers that control the Democrat Party, Hollywood, and much of social media.

Is she also a homophobe? Evidence appears to indicate she very much is. The corporate machine will support her until such time as enough people make her too much of a liability. That may or may not happen. It took months for Anthony Weiner to pay a price. The Clintons never have for their decades of abuse against so many – namely women.

As frustrating as that is to some it remains the lesser point. More and more need to wake to the fact the Democrat Party is not the party of caring. It is the party of division and authoritarian control over what you are to be allowed to do, to say, and to think.