Mueller Investigation Lurches Even More Out Of Control – Subpoenas Trump Bank Records

Earlier this week D.C. Whispers indicated how desperate the Deep State war against POTUS Trump was becoming. (see: HERE )

Proof of that earlier report’s accuracy can be found today with the following headline via the BBC:

Trump-Russia probe: Mueller ‘demands Deutsche Bank data’

The gist of this move from Mueller is this – he has failed to uncover any evidence of collusion. (The collusion story was a hoax all along) So, now he has expanded his investigation into Donald Trump’s private finances.  The Deutsche Bank subpoena will only be the first of many such abuses of power by the Mueller/Deep State investigation. (The subpoena is said to have actually been issued weeks earlier – and then leaked now most likely by the Mueller team.)

Now this next part is very important for readers to understand – this move by Mueller signals a direct attack against Donald Trump personally. Not the campaign, not political affiliates, but Donald Trump and his family.

Now why Deutsche Bank to start this attack off? Remember, it is a German Bank with very close ties to globalist leader, Angela Merkel – the same leader who opened Western Europe up to the floodgates of Muslim immigration. If there is any way Mueller and Merkel (among others) can extract some financial data and twist it to inflict damage on Donald Trump, they will do so. There have already been a myriad of reports over the last year depicting how much Merkel despises President Trump.

These forces are not out to merely destroy Trump the President but also Trump the man. Some allege Merkel would like nothing more than to see the entire family pushed off the world stage once and for all. The Trumps are interlopers, unwelcome invaders of the globalist ruling class – the kind of threat Merkel’s globalist schemes cannot abide.

POTUS Trump is accumulating some remarkable political victories of late. His enemies fear momentum is turning in his favor. They are moving now to put a stop to that momentum and using the Mueller investigation as a blunt-force trauma to do so.

UPDATE: Some are now claiming there was no actual subpoena by Mueller into Mr. Trump’s banking records. That claim has yet to be verified. As of now only Fox News has indicated no formal subpoena request has been made by the Mueller team into POTUS Trump’s finances.  Multiple other media agencies are reporting a subpoena was in fact made. Both Fox News and the other multiple news agencies are relying on unnamed sources for their respective (and contradicting) reports.

UDPATE TWO: According to a well-placed source, IF the Mueller bank records subpoena was in fact a ruse, or an exaggeration of fact, it would be further evidence of the push to try and get the President to try and fire Mueller, an act which would then be used as fuel for the obstruction charge the investigation is desperate to put together. They are hoping to anger Mr. Trump to the point he does something rash (to protect his family) and then use that act against him.