Mueller Team Hoping Trump Denies Requested Interrogation As It Prepares Attack Against POTUS

Whispers now suggest Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who leaked to supportive media sources earlier this week his request to interview President Donald Trump, is hoping that request is denied by the POTUS. The motivation for that desire is simple. After many months and millions of tax payer dollars wasted, Mr. Mueller appears to have very little in which to go after the President. A refusal to be interviewed would then be used by Mueller, the D.C. Establishment, and leftist media figures, to construct new and ongoing allegations of a cover-up and obstruction of justice claims.

It’s a double-edged knife for the Trump White House. Agree to the Mueller interrogation and Mr. Trump faces the possibility of misspeaking, forgetting a date, a meeting, etc., and then having that error used, once again, to bolster claims of obstruction.

Refuse the interrogation and the POTUS will be painted as a guilty man hiding behind the power of the presidency.

Either way, the powers that be hope to bludgeon the Trump White House with the Mueller investigation well into the 2018 Midterms.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump appears even more motivated to fight back by doing something highly unusual in Washington D.C.

His job.