Why Did The Mueller Team Leak The (Misleading)Trump Bank Records Story Today?

It had all the markings of a coordinated Deep State attack. One news agency reporting on a leak via an unnamed source was within the hour followed up by multiple reports of the same story. In this instance it was allegations that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller had subpoenaed private bank records directly linked to President Trump. It was a stunning headline and one that would indicate the investigation was taking a dramatically different and more aggressive turn aimed directly at a sitting president of the United States.

During today’s White House press briefing the tension in the room was palpable. Reporters were eager to push the story.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders pushed back…

It appears at this point an earlier D.C. Whispers report might have hit the mark on what the true motivations for this seemingly orchestrated Mueller leak is:

“…According to a well-placed source, IF the Mueller bank records subpoena was in fact a ruse, or an exaggeration of fact, it would be further evidence of the push to try and get the President to try and fire Mueller, an act which would then be used as fuel for the obstruction charge the investigation is desperate to put together. They are hoping to anger Mr. Trump to the point he does something rash (to protect his family) and then use that act against him.” 

There was indeed a chorus of “fire Mueller now!” coming from a great many Trump supporters today – the very thing Mueller and those who have orchestrated this entire fake investigation likely want the President to attempt as the drumbeats of “obstruction” grow louder.

Keep an eye on this Trump financial records angle coming out of the Mueller investigation. Word is there is (much) more like this to come…