Mueller vs Trump: Trump Says BRING IT

D.C. Whispers has been informing its readers for months that this is ultimately where Robert Mueller wanted to go – a request to interview POTUS Trump. If the President declines he is accused of hiding wrong doing. If he agrees, Mueller attempts to trip him up on an obstruction/perjury charge.

It seems if Mueller’s hope was to shake Mr. Trump’s confidence, though, that isn’t happening as POTUS Trump has taken the interview request and effectively told Mr. Mueller to go for it. Trump maintains he has nothing to hide and for now is willing to say just that under oath.

Above: Mueller, who was put in charge of investigating President Trump, had a long and cozy relationship with former POTUS, Barack Obama. This is particularly interesting given more recent revelations that it was the Obama administration that ultimately oversaw the illegal surveillance conducted by federal authorities against private citizens on the Trump campaign. These revelations led to the now infamous #releasethememo scandal that currently hovers over D.C. and that potentially implicates dozens of top officials within the federal government and both political parties who some believe abused their power in an attempt to place Hillary Clinton into the White House.

Some Trump supporters have urged the President not to speak with Mueller, fearing the interview is a trap. The President has shrugged off these concerns and appears ready and willing to sit down with Mueller man to man and answer any and all questions he might have of him.

It will be a high stakes D.C. showdown not seen for decades.