N.H. Republican Power Broker Says NO Trump, NO Cruz – Promises Brokered Convention

“These polls don’t matter.”

So says former New Hampshire Republican governor Judd Gregg, a longtime and highly influential Republican power broker in the Granite State who during an interview with Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business network this morning declared all current polling in New Hampshire to be null and void, and the likelihood of anti-establishment GOP front-runners Donald Trump or Ted Cruz winning New Hampshire as unlikely.

And that’s not all he said…

ABOVE: Former New Hampshire Governor Judd Gregg with President Barack Obama after Mr. Obama appointed the former Republican governor and senator as his new Commerce Secretary.(Gregg later withdrew his nomination.)


This morning Governor Gregg was adamant that New Hampshire primary voters would choose an establishment candidate to represent them in the GOP nomination process. He specifically pointed to the campaigns of Jeb Bush and John Kasich as those he approved of.

He also appeared dismissive of the possibility that either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz would win New Hampshire.

Then he dropped a bombshell that clearly had Fox Business host Neil Cavuto a bit stunned.

Gregg indicated it would be a brokered Republican convention regardless, and from there a proper candidate would be nominated.

NEW: Here is video of Mr. Gregg speaking with Neil Cavuto this morning:


This would be a process by which all previous primary election decisions would effectively be dismissed during the Republican convention scheduled for July 18th-21st in Cleveland, Ohio.

Delegates would then no longer be obligated to cast votes as determined by earlier primary elections. Instead, Republican power brokers are allowed to intervene and attempt to coordinate/trade/cajole/threaten, a desired outcome. In such a scenario, a majority of the convention delegates could for example, ultimately decide to nominate Jeb Bush to be the 2016 Republican candidate for President even if Mr. Bush did not win a single primary race.

The last Republican brokered convention took place in 1948. A candidate chosen by a brokered convention has not gone on to win the White House since Franklin D. Roosevelt did so in 1932.

When a figure like Judd Gregg is so confident in forecasting not only the New Hampshire primary outcome but an eventual brokered convention, voters would do well to pay attention.

The attempted fix is underway.

UPDATE: Here is a concise and easily understandable discussion on how a brokered convention works. Start at approximately the 4:20 mark and go from there. Operatives are already saying it is possible. Former Governor Gregg appears confident it WILL happen:

“…Trump could run the table and still not be nominated.”


(Note: Initially this report incorrectly attributed the above comments to former New Hampshire Governor Steve Merrill. That error has since been corrected.)



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