Nancy Pelosi Just Declared Herself The Next Speaker Of The House (VIDEO)

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is so confident Democrats will take back the House after the November Midterms she’s declaring so openly to the media and happily cackling away while doing so.

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Pelosi’s confidence is all but telling Republicans not to bother voting next week as she sat down for a fawning interview with Stephen Colbert of the Late Show:

“What now I’m saying is, ‘We will win.’ We will win.”

Polling indicates a very tight race for control of the House even as Democrats and the Establishment Media appear increasingly certain the country will be swearing in Speaker Pelosi very soon. From there House Democrats are promising a slew of Congressional investigations to be launched against President Trump in an attempt to stall his highly successful ‘America First’ agenda and then go on to defeat the president in 2020 and resume full control of the country’s political direction.