Nancy Pelosi Reveals Democrat Fraud Over Mueller Report Drama

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just announced she’ll be taking a look at the Mueller Report for the first time.

That’s right. She’s never actually reviewed the report. 

Think about that. After months of allowing House Democrats to cry “Impeachment!” against a sitting president over allegations he did something (we’re still not sure what any of them are talking about) and raising millions of campaign dollars from low-IQ anti-Trump voters with promises of “making Trump pay” Speaker Pelosi just admitted none of them have actually read the Mueller Report that was made available to them months ago by Attorney General William Barr. (which he didn’t have to do) 

As for all of that House Democrat outrage? It’s all made up – manufactured emotion meant to take people’s money and pad their own campaign coffers.

Know this. If you fell for it you fell for a fraud perpetrated by the Democrat Party. Now you just have to ask yourself if you’re going to continue to allow yourself to be taken advantage of by the likes of Nancy Pelosi and her cadre of impeachment sideshow hucksters.  

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