Never-Trumper Senator Jeff Flake Just Got Called Out For Being A Big, Fat, Lying, Steaming, Hypocritical, TURD

RINO Senator Flake gave a speech to an empty room today that had CNN giving high praise, oohhhing and ahhhing how “brave” it was for Mr. Flake to call out President Trump for his ongoing war against a Fake News media. Flake likened POTUS Trump to Stalin, implying it was dangerous to have a leader who didn’t bow to the media-driven agenda. (apparently fighting back against lies and smears makes one a dictator in the world-view of Senator Flake. Arizona must be so proud.)

BUT WAIT A MINUTE. What CNN neglected to also share is how Senator Flake just yesterday voted to give Donald Trump (a man Flake says is dictator) even more domestic surveillance powers. In essence, Flake is calling Trump a dictator out of one side of his mouth, while granting that dictator more power out of the other side of his mouth!


Flake is a con-man who most likely is now angling for a CNN contributor job and/or position at a D.C. lobbying firm that represents globalist interests.

Good riddance.