New Poll Proves Trump More Popular With Voters Than Obama…

When one considers how much 24/7 time the media and Hollywood have spent attempting to slander President Trump you would think he would be one of the most unpopular presidents in American history. Many actually believe that very thing.

Well, guess what? President Trump is at this point in his presidency actually a pretty popular guy and in fact more popular than Barack Obama.

Bet you won’t be reading that bit of truth on the front page of the New York Times…

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Via The National Review:

A new Gallup poll shows Donald Trump’s presidential job-approval rating hitting a new high of 46 percent. The survey was conducted from April 17 to April 30, almost entirely following the public release of the Mueller report on April 18. “The latest rating extends the upper limits of President Donald Trump’s narrow approval rating range by one percentage point, from his previous range of 35% to 45%,” Gallup notes.

…Barack Obama’s job-approval rating was 44 percent in Gallup polling at the same point in his presidency (April 2011), and he still managed to find a way to win re-election in 2012.


Here’s the thing about presidential elections. If an incumbent is near 50% approval a year out from the election, they almost always win re-election. The media knows this. Democrats know this. And it’s why they are in a full-on panic over their inability to stop the Trump America-First agenda which is making the lives of ALL Americans better.


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