New York Democrat Pledges To Vote GOP Because Democat Party Being Led By Insane Liars

It’s yet another story the far-left media refuses to tell.

The Democrat Party is imploding, torn asunder by radicalized anti-Americanism that was once on the fringe but is now running the Democrat agenda.

Things are so bad, New York Democrat Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a lifelong Democrat, sent a letter to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer that rebuked Schumer’s repeated lies about the true state of the country. 

Via The Free Beacon:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is facing rebuke from a fellow New York Democrat and longtime political ally, for distorting—for electoral gain—the record and policies of the Trump administration.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who represents Schumer’s home borough of Brooklyn in the New York legislature, penned an open letter to the senator after receiving a campaign mailer soliciting financial contributions. Hikind said the mailer attacked the “hard right” while omitting “vital information.”

In his letter, which was posted on the assemblyman’s Facebook page, Hikind castigated Schumer for promising to fight “for Democratic values” while providing little in means of substance.

“Senator Schumer, in your letter you promise to fight for Democratic values and go on at great length to fully villainize the current administration, but you left out certain facts that my fellow Democrats, to say nothing of all Americans, should also be aware of,” Hikind wrote.

The assemblyman lambasted Schumer and national Democrats for downplaying the impact the Trump administration has had in fostering economic growth.

You forgot to tell us about the economy. As good as it’s been, economists expect even more growth through the end of the year. That’s very good news,” Hikind wrote. “You forgot to tell us about unemployment, which is lower than it has been in decades, while economic confidence is at a 17-year high.”

Hikind also expressed support for the tax cuts proposed by the president and enacted by congressional Republicans.

“You forgot to tell us about tax cuts. I’m part of the middle class and now I’m getting a little extra in my paycheck,” he wrote. “I’m happy about that and so are tens of millions of Americans, Senator.”

Hikind represents one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities outside of Israel and extensively praised the Trump administration’s foreign policy initiatives, a number of which were supported by Schumer himself.

“You forgot to tell us about the most remarkable relationship between the United States and our ally Israel ever. Or about moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, which you yourself applauded,” Hikind wrote. “You forgot to tell us about the successful dismantling of the Iran Deal … [that] threatened the rest of the world by making it easier for Iran, the leading supporter of world terrorism, to develop nuclear weapons.”

The assemblyman bemoaned the Democratic Party’s leftward lurch, which Hikind argues Schumer has helped advance by supporting individuals like Rep. Keith Ellison (D., Minn.) for leadership positions in the party.

“You ask for a contribution, but the Democratic Party—which I am a lifelong member of—is currently betraying the ideals that our party once stood for: American values,” Hikind wrote. “You yourself proposed that Representative Ellison head the party, but you must surely know that Ellison has stood with our nation’s leading hatemonger Louis Farrakhan.”


Here’s the thing. Assemblyman Hikind, a lifelong Democrat, is 100% correct in his assessment of today’s Democrat Party and far-left media. They are infested by radicalism of the worst kind—the kind that embraces division, racism, and anti-Americanism. These same radicals lie about President Trump’s character and remarkable record of achievement at every turn and do so in part because they are certain the American people are too stupid to know the difference between lies and reality.

For all our sake let’s hope they’re wrong about that.