“Next book James Comey writes may be his prison diaries…”

Piers Morgan pulls no punches as he blasts James Comey and others involved in the now-unraveling Deep State Spygate operation who find themselves in increasingly troubled legal waters.

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Via The Daily Mail:

James Comey’s had a very lucrative year since he was fired by President Trump.

He’s sold several million books, made myriad highly paid speeches, and appeared on all the big talk shows.

In doing so, he’s become a household name.

Comey’s now a multi-millionaire celebrity living the American dream.

He even has his own Oprah-style one-name Twitter account: @Comey.

And he’s achieved this newfound fame by constantly attacking his old boss, acting in the process like a brazen, politically motivated opponent.

There’s just one problem I have with all this: Comey was Director of the FBI, supposedly a top-secret intelligence agency.

His job was to KEEP secrets, not to spill them to anyone with a large check.

And what the hell does Comey have to boast about anyway?

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This is the guy who screwed almost everything up while holding one of the most prestigious and important jobs in federal government.

So much so that he is universally loathed and distrusted on both sides of the political aisle.

Yet here he is, strutting around like he’s a Marvel superhero sent to save America from the bad guys, whilst conveniently overlooking the increasingly likely fact that he himself is one of the very worst of those bad guys.

…As I wrote when Mueller’s report was released, it seems patently clear now that Comey’s FBI colleagues like Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr and Peter Strzok all conspired to compromise the democratically elected president of the United States.

They are all heavily implicated in numerous acts of alleged crimes involving the misuse of a dodgy discredited dossier compiled by dodgy discredited former British spy Christopher Steele which they used as an excuse to get FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign team members without any mention of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats financing it.

Their treachery, and Trump-hating motivation for it is all there in their own words.

Strzok texted Lisa Page, his secret lover, before the 2016 election, and after he had just helped get Hillary off the email scandal rap, to say a newly-opened FBI investigation against Trump was an ‘insurance policy’ against him in case he won.

McCabe, who succeeded Comey as FBI Director, confirmed to CBS after his own departure that he not only launched a counter-intelligence operation against President Trump, but also later discussed with FBI colleagues whether it was possible to remove him from office using the 25th Amendment.

…What the hell were all these FBI agents, who took an oath to serve the President, doing by plotting against him in such a disgraceful way?

And how much did their boss know about what they were doing?

Well, now we’re going to find out.

James Comey likes to parade around in some weird kind of moralising halo, but we may be about to discover just how ill-fitting that halo is.

For when it comes to soul biting, Comey’s a shameless shark that has munched great chunks out of the integrity and reputation of the FBI.

With every smart-a** tweet, smug talk-show appearance, self-satisfied speech, and mutually back-slapping interview on CNN, Comey causes fresh embarrassment to a bureau that has always prided itself on professionalism and discretion.

Now he might soon see his Icarus style attraction to the bright lights of fame rebound on him in spectacular style.

The net is fast closing on the FBI shark.

And if he doesn’t have some very good answers, James Comey’s next book may be his prison diaries and his next CNN interview conducted from a cell.



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